Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

About Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

Redlock Studio’s soulslike ethereal open-world adventure RPG. Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King combines a boundless sandbox of cyber-surrealist adventure with a fast-paced fantasy platformer. The world as it was is gone, lost with the disappearance of the King.

Dropped into the vast continent of Hypnos, players inhabit the role of the Wanderer as they retrace the fall of civilization while slaying foes with spells and swordplay. Whether through combat or exploration, the Wanderer will evolve. With finite resources, will you raise your strength or discover another truth of Hypnos? Buy a new weapon, or increase your spellcasting? The choice is yours.

  • A new world to discover: Explore the vast reaches of a gorgeously-rendered semi-open world ripe with opportunities to experiment and explore.
  • Monstrous enemies to defeat: Observe your foes, anticipating their every move and using their own attacks against them. Switch from close-combat sword fights to long-distance spell slinging as you seamlessly shift between 2.5 and 3D battles.
  • A tale 10 years in the making: The epic scale of the Shattered universe is the culmination of a decade of imagination and creativity conjured from the minds of Redlock Studio. Tale of the Forgotten King is but a first step into the world of Hypnos, with more games already planned.
  • A story all your own: Not all survivors of Hypnos are trustworthy. Though most will help you on your way, there are those who seek to use you for their own ends. The world will remember the choices you make during your adventure, and only those with focus and dedication will see through to the truth beyond.
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