Heavy Metal Machines

About Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines is a one of a kind free-to-play multiplayer vehicular combat game where players engage in 4v4 intense battles, controlling lethal vehicles in post-apocalyptic arenas.

On an unbridled search for unsustainable and infinite growth, the world economy collapsed – the government from most countries went bankrupt and were forced to go to war with each other, losing control of the general population. The fight for the last remaining source of petroleum awoke monstrous creatures that were asleep in the depths of the Earth. The monsters decimated
everything they could find.

For some unknown reason, a certain rhythm/vibration was frightening and weakening the monsters. This vibration could only be found in Heavy Metal. Decades have passed till all the monsters were eradicated. Heavy Metal was considered sacred by the following generations. The Sect of Metal surged, and with the collaboration of a small group of scientists and the Patrons,
they found Metal City.

To contain a little of the chaos and violence thirst, as well as a large number of machines that reminisced from the war against the monsters, the Sect of Metal created the deadly tournament Heavy Metal Machines, where the competitors risk their lives in search of fame, prestige, and power.

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