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CURSE is a point-and-click horror game that throws the player into the world of paranormal investigations. Explore the infamous Atherton Manor, site of several deaths and disappearances over the last 100 years. Your mission is to purge the Manor of its occupants and to get out in one piece. Think you have what it takes to reveal the secrets hidden in the shadows of Atherton Manor?

What to Expect:

CURSE is a narrative-focused experience. Expect to read lots of notes and dialogue. This game is intended for those who enjoy a fun, spooky, tale that takes time to experience.
Linear Gameplay: CURSE is a linear experience with some light branching that gives players some determination of events. The game is linear at a high level though in order to tell a cohesive story.
Ghost Chase: The ghost chase feature is tense. It’s supposed to be tense. The ghosts will arrive at random points within the Manor with the intention of killing you.
Point and Click Navigation: CURSE does NOT allow free movement. We wanted to create an experience more like a theme park ride where we control aspects of what you see and what you don’t see. If you give in to this type of storytelling you should have a rollicking good time. If you prefer to actively move through the game space CURSE may not be for you.
Jump Scares: Although the game does not rely on jump scares in order to entertain the player, it does include more than a few.

Horror Elements: The horror of CURSE is geared towards a more PG-13 vibe than R or MA ratings. We strive for atmosphere over gore and graphic violence.

  • Story-Driven gameplay: CURSE features a deep story filled with rich characters and more than a few twists and turns.
  • Icon Driven point and click gameplay within a 3D world: The player navigates within the environment by clicking on interactive icons. The player can also look around the environment in a fully 3D setting.
  • Ghost Chase: The denizens of Atherton Manor don’t take kindly to intruders and will attack you if provoked. Players can choose to stand their ground or to run to other rooms. Use your flashlight to get the ghosts and to navigate for when the ghosts appear, the lights go out!
  • UV Flashlight: You are equipped with a high-tech flashlight capable of disintegrating entities that would do you harm – use your flashlight carefully though, as you only get a single battery!
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